RUN-N-LITES conversion kits
are designed to add running lights to the stock BMW motorcycle turn signal housings. The stock arrangement has a single element bulb in each turn signal housing, there are no running (marker) lights on either the front or the rear of the stock BMW motorcycle. ... more info ...
LITE-BUDDYs for BMW Motorcycles
* Extra Bright - Low Current consumption
* Solid state BRIGHT running lights
* Completely out of sight no wires are cut
* BRIGHT, see further away than the taillight! ... more info ...
click for a closer look! LITE-BLAZER
* License Plate mounted LITE-BUDDYs used on many hard to fit motorcycles.
* A Motorcycle lighting improvement to increase the visibility of your motorcycle from behind! ... more info ...
Stop Alert Flashers
Bungy Buddy's

Wilbers Shocks
* WILBERS shocks are custom built to your specification.
* WILBERS shocks are fully rebuildable.